Thursday, June 30, 2011

Re: Tree from xml??

Check out this page, making sure your module's gwt.xml file has the
correct XML inherits:

Also, note that for the parse method, the string you pass in there
needs to be the actual XML document, not a path to its location.

On Jun 30, 4:41 am, swedeveloper <> wrote:
> Hello my name is Jens and I am a beginner in GWT. I was trying to
> teach me this, but right now I'm stuck and need help! I'm trying to
> get a menu to work with XML via xmlparse and a for loop. What I think
> would be given does not seem to be there and it does not work when I
> compiled the file. There is nothing in the html violin is not possible
> to preview using GWT Designer. Be grateful for the help! Jens
> ________________________________________________________________
> //Main menu
> MenuBar menuBar = new MenuBar(true);
>                 vsp.add(menuBar);
>                 //The xml file for menu
>                  Document doc = XMLParser.parse("Xml/SiteMap.xml");
>                  NodeList elements = doc.getElementsByTagName("bookmark");
>                  //Loop for populate the menu with menuitems
>                  //Doesnt work is it here are in the parser?
>                  for (int i = 0; i < elements.getLength(); i++) {
>                 element = elements.item(i);
>          NamedNodeMap attrs = element.getAttributes();
>          //Nodes
>                 String title = attrs.getNamedItem("title").getNodeValue();
>                  String url = attrs.getNamedItem("url").getNodeValue();
>                 System.out.println(title + url + "/n" );
>                 //Menu Populates from xml
>                 MenuItem bookmark =
>                 new MenuItem(title, URL(url));
>                  menuBar.addItem(bookmark);
> ____________________________________________________________________

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