Thursday, June 30, 2011

Re: RequestFactory and populate form field with dynamic data

It's really no different from GWT-RPC, if you're more comfortable with it. The main difference is that you can push several things in a RequestContext before firing it, making a "batch request". The other major difference is that changes to proxies have to be made in a RequestContext, after you edit() them; that way, when you fire(), only the changes you made are sent across the write, not the whole object, only the diff.

Here, you'll create a RequestContext out of your RequestFactory, enqueue an invocation to get the values from the server and fire() the whole thing. In most cases, it'll be a different RequestContext instance than the one you get your PersonProxy from, but it depends how you organize your code. It'll however have to be a different context instance than the one you edit() the PersonProxy in!

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