Monday, January 15, 2024

Re: Is moving away from RPC a good idea?

Some mention "some annoying downsides" or "is imperfect in a lot of ways" regarding gwt-rpc. What are does?

1. Client and server always need to be in sync because of serialization policy. So a user must reload the web app if you redeploy your application and have modified shared classes. 
2. If you want to use J2CL in the future you should not use it.
3. You can only use it with GWT clients unless you reimplement the wire format in other languages / applications. Only unofficial information about the wire format exists. 
4. No async servlet support
5. Command pattern doesn't work well with GWT-RPC because you cannot code split the client side serialization data. So your initial or leftover fragment contains everything that goes over the wire. Code splitting only works well if you have one GWT-RPC service per code split condition.

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