Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Re: gwt-maven-springboot-archetype updated ...

I was going to suggest the GWT doco gets updated to use this, but I see you already have!

Excellent stuff!  👍

On Tuesday 23 January 2024 at 11:05:48 pm UTC+11 Frank Hossfeld wrote:

both archetypes have been updated to the latest GWT (2.11.0) & Spring Boot version (3.2.2).
Happy generating ... 

cu Frank
Frank Hossfeld schrieb am Montag, 22. Januar 2024 um 14:29:41 UTC+1:
Hi Grayson,

it's on my To-Do-list. I had to wait until GWT 2.11.0 is released. I'll try to take a look today.

cu Frank schrieb am Montag, 22. Januar 2024 um 07:47:52 UTC+1:
Hi Frank,

Would you please also publish the new version for "modular-springboot-webapp" (the one that generates a gwt project with sample code)? The lastest verison of "modular-springboot-webapp" is still "2022.9.14" which is more than a year old.


On Tuesday, January 2, 2024 at 4:46:30 PM UTC+7 Frank Hossfeld wrote:
Happy new year! I just released a new version of the The clean-modular-springboot-webapp generates now a Spring Boot 3 (Java 17) with GWT 2.10.0 multi module project. Happy coding!

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