Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Dominokit tools release update

We are glad to announce the new releases of Dominokit tools :

Domino-ui 2.0.0
Find release notes here https://github.com/DominoKit/domino-ui/releases/tag/2.0.0

Domino-history 1.0.3
Find release notes here https://github.com/DominoKit/domino-history/releases/tag/1.0.3

Domino-rest 2.0.0-RC1
Moved to jakarta namespace, find release notes here https://github.com/DominoKit/domino-rest/releases/tag/2.0.0-RC1

We would like to remind you that you can now check our documentation for different DominoKit tools within our website :

The documentation will be updated soon to include and match the new changes.

- Domino-ui documentation

- Domino-jackson documentation

- Domino-rest documentation

- Domino-history documentation

Your feedback is welcome and please help us spread the knowledge

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