Saturday, January 27, 2024

Create an executable JAR


Using the SpringBoot archetype ( ), I can happy run mvn clean package and get a war file that has everything and runs nicely on a web server.

If I then modify mywebapp-server/pom.xml to have:
(instead of war)

I then get an executable jar, which I can run:
java -jar mywebapp-server/target/mywebapp.jar

The executable JAR runs the embedded Tomcat server, which contains the index.html + css (inside the mywebapp.jar in BOOT-INF\classes\public), however, all the GWT files are in BOOT-INF\lib\mywebapp-client-HEAD-SNAPSHOT.war) so it never sees them.  As a result, the app only shows the html, and nothing else works.

Has anyone made a GWT app as an executable JAR?  Or any suggestions how to do it?

The reason I need an executable JAR, is because that's all Google App Engine standard supports:

Thanks in advance.

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