Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Re: Performance Comparison GWT Transpiler with MacBook Pro M1 Pro processor

Just to correct myself ...
I haven't been able to get Eclipse to run natively as macOS AArch64 is only available from the 2021-12 version which just borks my project.  It seems to be a conflict with the google-cloud-plugin I use for appengine.  Still 2021-09 with emulated Eclipse is a major improvement especially since the dev server and build processes can be run natively. 

Eclipse 2021-12 runs fine with AArch64.  I used the following from the Eclipse Market place which is what caused the trouble — Eclipse m2e - Maven support in Eclipse IDE 

And AArch64 is available before 2021-12 (4.22).  That the first version for a distributed J2EE download though you can get an earlier version and add in J2EE support.

And SDBG debugging still works (debugging in eclipse).  I wasn't able to build the SDBG for Java 11 anymore (I remember it being easy last time) but was able to use the one I'd previously build.


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