Thursday, January 6, 2022

Only picking up Default locale values in some places

Hi all,

I have a widget that is being built using SafeHtmlBuilder. The widget consists of some tables, and within the <td> elements I am calling on a Messages interface to retrieve localized values.


The call to info.getDescription() grabs the correct locale value (made easier to distinguish with the prefixed "@"). However, the call to info.getCommand().getShortcutPrettyHtml() ultimately results in the Default locale value (no "@" prefix):


Here is what info.getCommand().getShortcutPrettyHtml() is returning (either an empty string or the string msg from the Messages interface):


Where constants_ is a ref to the Messages interface, which contains for example:


With the expected locale value being found in the prop file:


I'm pretty stumped as to how/why sometimes the Default locale value is used, and other times the active locale value. Any help is much appreciated!

Thanks in advance

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