Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Re: Performance Comparison GWT Transpiler with MacBook Pro M1 Pro processor

No, sorry ... closed source. Yep, I agree with. Don't think, that the graphics CPUs will have an impact of the compile time.
So, the M1 Pro is a great choice for developers. Now I am waiting for the next Mac Pro ...

Jens schrieb am Montag, 6. Dezember 2021 um 10:32:15 UTC+1:
I did some tests with one of my larger GWT projects. It takes 3:55 on my "old" MacBook Pro 16" i9 2.4 GHz, 64 GB RAM. Same project build on a new MacBook Pro M1 Max 64 GB takes roundabout 2:00. That's an incredible improvement. 

Is that project public? Then I would try it with my M1 Pro 32gb which is IMHO the best value for developers, unless you do graphics stuff.

-- J. 

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