Friday, July 10, 2020

Re: Problem decoding complex AutoBean

Can anyone help me?
My json string is - 
"themeId": 1,
"name": "rpc",
"enabled": true,
"propertiesList": [
"id": 1,
"themeConfigurationId": 1,
"chatScreen": "chatScreen",
"component": "header",
"property": "text",
"value": "HELLO"
"id": 3,
"themeConfigurationId": 1,
"chatScreen": "chatScreen",
"component": "background",
"property": "color",
"value": "rgba(0,191,255,0.5)"

Interfaces are -

public interface IWebchatThemeConfigurationBean { public Integer getThemeId(); public String getName(); public Boolean getEnabled(); public List<IWebchatThemeConfigurationPropertyBean> getPropertiesList(); }
public interface IWebchatThemeConfigurationPropertyBean { public Integer getId(); public Integer getThemeConfigurationId(); public String getChatScreen(); public String getComponent(); public String getProperty(); public String getValue(); }

public interface ChatFactory extends AutoBeanFactory {
        AutoBean<IWebchatThemeConfigurationBean> theme();

        AutoBean<IWebchatThemeConfigurationPropertyBean> properties();
    ChatFactory factory;
factory = GWT.create(ChatFactory.class);

IWebchatThemeConfigurationBean deserializeFromJson(String json) { AutoBean<IWebchatThemeConfigurationBean> bean = AutoBeanCodex.decode(factory, IWebchatThemeConfigurationBean.class, json); return; }

in this returned bean I'm getting null propertiesList.
name, enabled, themeId are fine.

On Tuesday, August 20, 2013 at 8:07:30 AM UTC+5:30, Thad Humphries wrote:
I've managed a simple AutoBean with a list. Now I've a more complex one, and I don't understand what's wrong. My get methods are returning null though the debugger shows the object has data.

The JSON looks like this:

      "screenname":"Index Card",
            {"title":"Name",  "name":"odname",   "value":"*TIFF*"},
            {"title":"Date",  "name":"oddate",   "value":""},
            {"title":"Ref #", "name":"odrefnum", "value":""}

I have three interfaces:

public interface Field {
  String getTitle();
  void setTitle(String title);
  String getName();
  void setName(String name);
  String getValue();
  void setValue(String value);

public interface FieldList {
  List<Field> getField();
  void setField(List<Field> field);

public interface MQuery {
  String getScreenname();
  void setScreenname(String screenname);
  FieldList getFields();
  void setFields(FieldList fields);

In my bean factory, I have

public interface BeanFactory extends AutoBeanFactory {
  AutoBean<Field> field();
  AutoBean<FieldList> fields();
  AutoBean<MQuery> mquery();

In my onResponseReceived() method, I call

  AutoBean<MQuery> mqueryBean = 
          MQuery.class, response.getText());
  MQuery mQuery =;
  logger.log(Level.INFO, mQuery.getScreenname());
  screenName = mQuery.getScreenname();
  fieldList = mQuery.getFields().getField();

When I look at the debugger in Chrome, screenname, etc are populated (in mQuery:this$0:data_0 there is mquery with screenename set and 3 field objects in fields). However mQuery.getScreenname() returns null as does mQuery.getFields().

What am I not seeing here? Could the presence of other AutoBean<>s in my factory (beans that work) be messing me up (do I need a separate factory)?

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