Thursday, July 9, 2020

Re: GWT Server and debug

Gwt by default converts my(your) code to javascript (JS). With the "old" browser plugin we were able to add breakpoints in the client java code and when running the app, the debugger stopped at those points.
I understand, that when running in superdevmode, this works differently.
Does anyone has een extended example on how to set this superdevmode up and do the debugging with browser's developer tools?

Op woensdag 8 juli 2020 12:20:46 UTC+2 schreef Thomas Broyer:

On Wednesday, July 8, 2020 at 6:46:28 AM UTC+2, Jasper Suijker wrote:
I removed  -nosuperDevMode and started the server via debug of eclipse.
I made some breakpoints in the code, but somehow they are not triggered.
With the plugin and using internet explorer i see a "unknown" tab showing in the GWT development Mode. But when running "just" in the superdevmode i don't see that.
Maybe i am missing or using a configuration in one of the xml files, which is preventing debugging?

→ "Your code will then run in JS in your browser, and you'll debug it from your browser's developer tools, leveraging source maps (Chrome or Edge work better, likely Safari too; Firefox used to be sluggish but that was supposed to be better in recent versions, haven't tried it yet though)."

Breakpoints in server code will work as before though.

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