Tuesday, July 21, 2020


Hi All,
We have a UI application, where user searches for records and exports the data to an excel. Once the export is completed at the server side, it notifies the client by async call back and then there is code at client side to give a popup to the customer saying, the file is ready for download and give an option to download the file from server.
However, when server side fetch takes more than 3 minutes, the client is closing the socket(I think). Though the report is getting generated at the server, the user is not getting the pop up to download the report. Is there anyway to stop the client from closing the socket? This issue happens only when there are more than 400 records to be fetched. One way to fix this, is to fix the fetch (which at this point cannot be done as there are some encryption calls happening during this). But wanted to know if there is any timeout parameters that can be configured, so that we can somehow stop client from closing the socket?
I am seeing socket timeout exceptions in the GWT logs.

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