Saturday, July 11, 2020

Re: GWT 2.9.0 release

On Friday, 22 May 2020 22:11:15 UTC-4, Colin Alworth wrote:
The really ugly way that Thomas was alluding to is moving JS to an external JS file, but this is not the path of least resistance, it may be brittle (unless you take great care to use JsInterop annotations to avoid renames, changes in the compiler could break how you reference Java), and it will not be GWT2 compatible any longer. Using JsInterop as the examples above show should be simpler, more correct, and let you finish most of your migration before you even glance at J2CL.

It might be nice if a future GWT 2.9.x release provides some rudimentary support for that procedure in preparation for J2CL. I'm not sure how that would look though. Maybe a way to specify extra .js files to be linked-in in the .gwt.xml file? Maybe a way to specify where the contents of those JavaScript files should be placed in the JavaScript namespace? Maybe a new GWT linker that outputs a single script file that runs in the same scope as the web page so that it doesn't require that $wnd stuff? Right now, I'm not sure how well blending external .js files with GWT2 actually works.

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