Monday, April 27, 2020

Re: Upgrade to 2.8.2 from 2.7.0 is having compilation errors while doing GWT compile

(1) Eclipse will not show an error because if your Java code is correct, everything is correct.

(2) As the message said, maybe you need to put a Jar file with sources into your dependency? GWT is a transpiler so it needs all the source codes to be able to translate to JavaScript.

Am Montag, 27. April 2020 13:01:30 UTC+2 schrieb pratik thaker:
Hi Team,

I have upgraded to GWT 2.8.2 from 2.7.0 and in Eclipse it is not showing any compilation error.

But at the time of GWT compile, it is failing for most of the classing with below error,

No source code is available for type <CLASSNAME> did you forget to inherit a required module?

Please note that, the same used to work fine with 2.7.0 and all the classes are either simple POJO or utility classes.

Can you please help me on this ?

Thanks in advance.

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