Friday, April 24, 2020

Re: GWT - Angular/React Migration & Integration

Similar situation.  Our single page app SPA is actually made up of many separate sub pages, thus we stayed with GWT root and "injected" Angular by adding new url/page in Angular, and thus breaking the SPA experience a bit but we try to pass some info over to make it less jarring and more seamless.
Now we have about half and half GWT and Ang pages, and things work fine if we keep a page in 1 technology.  We did try a deep integration of the 2 within a page, but that was pre js-interop and angular 1.x, and thus was very painful and definitely not recommended.  I'd hope now with js-interop and much new js framework would be fairly doable if you wanted to mix the 2, but still if you can try to keep big pieces within 1 technology and limit the integration it'll reduce risk and problems.
FWIW while I'm fully aware of shortcomings of GWT, the team is still way more productive doing GWT than Angular, and I've seen more bugs with Angular just because the "flexibility and power" of JS, so I'm still on Team GWT. :)

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