Saturday, October 5, 2019

Re: ClassCastException in some browser, but not others (

Meant to add that I am sure indexeddb is supported in all the browsers I am using.

Here is the code again ... sorry about the previous formatting.

IDBFactory idbf = IndexedDbGlobal.indexedDB;

IDBOpenDBRequest idbr =;


idbr.onsuccess = new OnsuccessFn() {


public Object onInvoke(elemental2.dom.Event p0) {


                                        //error is next

idb = (IDBDatabase)  idbr.result;

DOMStringList dsl = idb.objectStoreNames;

dsl.asList().forEach(s -> {

Log.error("FOUND DB " + s);



return idbr.result;



On Chrome desktop, I find the indexeddb I created in handwritten js code.  I don't get why there is a ClassCastException in some browsers.  Is elemental2-indexeddb or gxt 2.9 (HEAD) not supported everywhere?

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