Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Annotations on Java8 default are not available in Generator


I'm a user of the gwt-jackson library and I've just found the following bug:

To fix it, I need to get access of the annotations on a default Java8 method interface:

    public static interface InterfaceBean {
default String getName(){
return "defaultName";

But tell me if I'm wrong, GWT doesn't provide this information!
I did setup a minimal demo project to explain the issue:

As you see the default `getGender` method is not listed in neither HasGender or Person JClassType

public interface HasGender {
default String getGender() {
return "male";

public class Person implements HasGender {
public String getName() {
return "Paul";

public class CustomGenerator extends Generator {

public final String generate(TreeLogger logger, GeneratorContext context, String typeName) throws UnableToCompleteException {
JClassType genderType = context.getTypeOracle().findType(HasGender.class.getName());
assert genderType.getMethods().length == 0;
assert genderType.getInheritableMethods().length == 0;
assert genderType.getOverridableMethods().length == 0;

JClassType personType = context.getTypeOracle().findType(Person.class.getName());
assert Arrays.equals(new String[] { "getName" },;
assert personType.getMethods()[0].isAnnotationPresent(Nonnull.class);

String[] common = { "equals", "finalize", "getClass", "getName", "hashCode", "toString" };
assert Arrays.equals(common,;
assert Arrays.equals(common,;
return null;


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