Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Announcing The Slow Mile Invitational

Slow Ventures Snail Mail

Special Invitation: The Slow Mile

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Welcome back! This week we have the distinct pleasure of inviting you to the Slow Mile Invitational. 

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🏃‍♀️The Slow Mile Invitational 🏃‍♂️

One year ago we attempted the first ever running of the Slow Mile, but due to forest fires had to postpone. This year, we hope to not be stopped. 

You and your families are cordially invited to join us for the Slow Mile Invitational on Sunday, Nov 10th at Golden Gate Polo Field in San Francisco. Whether you are a racer or spectator (or just an eater) it will be a fun filled day for participants of all ages, shapes and sizes!


Slow Partners, Sam and Will have been debating size-adjusted mile times for years (because Will is very large and relatively slow, and Sam is relatively small and fast). We need help settling this, and offer the winner international glory and profit!


Come race an age-and-size adjusted mile at the Golden Gate Polo Field upper track to crown the ultimate size-adjusted champion & settle an age old debate of who is truly the greatest athlete of all time, on a relative basis.

Enjoy a BBQ, games, the bounce castle, face painters, magicians and hang with the competitors and supporters.


When: Sunday, November 10th at 12:30PM - 5PM PT
Race: 2PM - 3:30PM time trials, 4PM finals
Where: Golden Gate Park Old Speedway Meadow Picnic Area & Polo Field Upper Track
Who: You + Family + Supporters
Food + Beverage: BBQ
What do I need?: It is a dirt track so please plan accordingly
RSVP required for planning
🌮 Food for Thought
  • In reaction to Zuck's speech on "free expression," Sam recently wrote a piece in The Information highlighting The Challenges Facing Free Speech
  • Startups often focus on building out functions core to their business (sales, product, finance, etc.) before human resources, this story from Bloomberg highlights why it is imperative to prioritize HR and employee support while you scale.
  • On their What Grinds My Gears podcast, Jill and Meltem dive into the cyberpunk mailing list, Occupy Wall Street and put Bitcoin's beginning into context. 
  • Life hack: take clear pictures of all your keys and keep them somewhere safe. Any good locksmith should be able to make copies of your keys from a picture. 
 Support our Firefighters
  • CLICK HERE to donate to California Wildfire Prevention. Wildfires are devastating California and every dollar helps. 
👀 A sneak peek at next week's edition...
  • Keep an eye out for an interview with Otter's Founder and CEO, Sam Liang. Don't have time to listen? That's can read it too ;)

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