Thursday, October 3, 2019

Re: Annotations on Java8 default are not available in Generator

This is a known (and on-purpose) limitation; see (tl;dr: exposing the method like any other would have been a breaking change for all existing generators, which would have wanted to implement the method, unless they are updated to recognize them as default methods; and for static methods it would have really broken many generators which would have tried to override the static method!).
Because we want to encourage migration of generators to annotation processors, there was no pressing need to support it in generators; so generators (and users of generators!) cannot take advantage of static or default methods on interfaces.

On Thursday, October 3, 2019 at 6:34:14 AM UTC+2, Freddy Boucher wrote:

I'm a user of the gwt-jackson library and I've just found the following bug:

To fix it, I need to get access of the annotations on a default Java8 method interface:

    public static interface InterfaceBean {
default String getName(){
return "defaultName";

But tell me if I'm wrong, GWT doesn't provide this information!
I did setup a minimal demo project to explain the issue:

As you see the default `getGender` method is not listed in neither HasGender or Person JClassType

public interface HasGender {
default String getGender() {
return "male";

public class Person implements HasGender {
public String getName() {
return "Paul";

public class CustomGenerator extends Generator {

public final String generate(TreeLogger logger, GeneratorContext context, String typeName) throws UnableToCompleteException {
JClassType genderType = context.getTypeOracle().findType(HasGender.class.getName());
assert genderType.getMethods().length == 0;
assert genderType.getInheritableMethods().length == 0;
assert genderType.getOverridableMethods().length == 0;

JClassType personType = context.getTypeOracle().findType(Person.class.getName());
assert Arrays.equals(new String[] { "getName" },;
assert personType.getMethods()[0].isAnnotationPresent(Nonnull.class);

String[] common = { "equals", "finalize", "getClass", "getName", "hashCode", "toString" };
assert Arrays.equals(common,;
assert Arrays.equals(common,;
return null;


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