Saturday, December 1, 2018

Nalu is released!

After finishing the work on the 'plugin'-feature and a lot of testing, Nalu v1.0.0 is released and the artifacts are deployed to Maven Central.

Nalu is a framework that helps you to create GWT applications similar to GWT Activities & Places - with less code - and offers the following features:

* Route based navigation
* Supports HTML links and programmatically routing thanks to a router.
* Full support of the browser's back- forward- and reload-button.
* An optional loader that will be executed at application start to load data from the server.
* A client side context, router and event bus which will be automatically injected in every controller, filter, loader and handler. (Handler have only access to the context and the event bus)
* Filters to intercept routing.
* Separation of views into a controller and a component with framework sided instantiation.
* A controller life-cycle using `start`-, `mayStop`- and `stop`- similar to GWT Activities.
* Controller based handler manager, that will remove all handlers from the event bus in case the controller is stopped to prevent memory leaks (handler registrations must be added to the manager).
* Support for UiBinder (nalu-plugin-gwt)
* Nalu composites to support smaller units
* Controller & component caching
* Component creation inside a controller to support GWT replacement rules and static factory methods
* Multi Shell Support
* works with nearly every widget lib (tested with: GWT, GXT, Domino-UI, Elemento, Elemental2, GWT-Meterial) 
* Supports Maven multi module projects to separate an application in smaller parts (plugin feature)

More informations about Nalu can be found here:

There are already several examples available that shows the implementation of Nalu's features and how to create an application using Nalu:

To start playing around, you can use the Nalu Project generator located here:

(The project generator is based on Nalu and uses Domino-UI ( Thanks @vegegoku for creating the UI)

To get in touch with the developers, use the Nalu Gitter room: 

Last but not least, I would like to thank everybody who helped getting Nalu done.

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