Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Maven Archetypes - trouble running


I'm trying to run a simple example of the gwt-maven-archetypes ( I followed all the commands and got my module in place (modular-requestfactory). However, when running it, I'm getting an error message "Can't find any GWT Modules on this page".

What I did was:
  1. Cloned code from github
  2. Ran "mvn clean install"
  3. Ran "mvn archetype:generate" with "modular-requestfactory as the Artifact ID
  4. Then in one terminal window: "mvn gwt:codeserver -pl *-client -am"
  5. In another terminal window: "mvn jetty:run -pl *-server -am -Denv=dev"
  6. I open the browser on and it tells me to bookmark the two links (which I did)
  7. I then click on the link for the module (which redirects me to
    1. This page is strange, because it says: "app: this module hasn't been compiled yet")
  8. I click on "Dev mode ON" bookmarked link and then I get the error message above
I believe I'm missing something very simple, but I can't figure it out what could be.

Any help?

PS. One further stupid question: how would I pack it into a WAR to deploy it?

Thanks a lot!

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