Thursday, December 13, 2018

Bazel rule for gwt dev-mode

Hi All,

In our project, we want to run gwt dev-mode via bazel. We use this rule for building gwt for production, but it is not very useful for our dev-mode because of our project structure. In our project, we have more than 100 source roots, and each source root could contain several bazel packages. So, we have to add more than 100 java_roots in rule definition, which is not very well. 
Also in our project, we have several different gwt application. Even if we put all our sources in one source root we still will want dev-mode to see only sources which are in deps for this gwt application. 
So putting the entire source root on classpath does not sound like a good idea. 
Right now we wrote our own dev-mode rule, in this rule, we collect all sources on which gwt application depends via bazel aspect and then put symlinks to all these source files into one folder and add this folder to the classpath.
It works very well, we have source updates extremely fast, but we still have one issue - we do not see new files (e.g. files which had been created after dev mode was started).

Does anyone have any ideas, how we could solve this issue? Or maybe someone knows a better way to run dev-mode via bazel?

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