Monday, June 18, 2018

Re: Using UIField HTML to create a dynamic table

Thank you for your help!
I changed my configuration in my MyAction class and now I get this error:

My code on server side in the class ActionServiceImpl looks like that:

public class ActionServiceImpl extends RemoteServiceServlet implements MyActionService {        private static final String[] actionName = new String[] { "Trikots für A-Jugend", "Rollstuhl für Maria" };      private static final double[] targetAmount = new double[] { 1000, 2500 };      private static final double[] donationMinimum = new double[] { 10, 10 };      private static final double[] amountDonationSoFar = new double[] { 258, 742 };      private static final String[] accountName = new String[] { "Max Mustermann", "Maria Musterfrau" };      private static final String[] iban = new String[] { "DE447818032764520919100", "DE4478180328485419100" };          private static final String[] NameOfBank = new String[] { "ABC Bank", "XYZ Bank" };          private final HashMap<String, Campaign> actions = new HashMap<String, Campaign>();      private final HashMap<String, Account> accounts = new HashMap<String, Account>();        public ActionServiceImpl() {          initActions();      }        private void initActions() {            for (int i = 0; i < actionName.length; ++i) {              Account account = new Account(accountName[i], NameOfBank[i], iban[i]);              Campaign action = new Campaign(String.valueOf(i), actionName[i], targetAmount[i], donationMinimum[i],                      amountDonationSoFar[i], account);              accounts.put(account.getName(), account);              actions.put(action.getId(), action);          }      }      @Override      public ArrayList<ShowActions> getShowActions() {          ArrayList<ShowActions> showActions = new ArrayList<ShowActions>();            Iterator<String> it = actions.keySet().iterator();          while (it.hasNext()) {              Campaign action = actions.get(;              showActions.add(action.getActions());          }          return showActions;      }

The MyActionService Interface looks like this:

@RemoteServiceRelativePath("myActionService")  public interface MyActionService extends RemoteService {      ShowActions addAction(Campaign action);      Campaign getCampaign(String id);      ArrayList<ShowActions> getShowActions();        Campaign updateAction(Campaign action);  }

Am Sonntag, 17. Juni 2018 23:09:31 UTC+2 schrieb Jens:
The errors says you have a ClassCastException in line 14 in So you should start looking at MyAction.

-- J.

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