Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Re: Problems Remote Debugging with SourceMaps in SuperDevMode


sorry for resuming this old thread.
I have as well a code server running on remote and I would like to use SDM via my local browser. SDM works fine but it seems that the browser never asks for the source maps.
I see in the sdm logs "source maps enabled", but then I cannot see any request from the browsers. I can see that SM are generated on my remote server.

I have tried to add an entry in my host file but no luck.
The remote server is running on Linux and the browser on Windows 7.
Any other possible workaround?


On Friday, 3 July 2015 11:37:06 UTC+2, Jens wrote:

Looking over on GitHub for existing issues, I saw that someone else reported an issue with DNS resolution.  With that in mind, I modified by client machine's host file to include a binding for the fully qualified name of my host machine, and when I reloaded hte page, source maps were there!

This is even though (or because?) I was accessing the server page via IP address rather than name.  it never crossed my mind that anything on the client would resolve that address to a name, but then fail when trying to reverse it back to an IP address.

Just had the same issue. Sometimes my host fails to update the DNS reverse entry when it gets a new IP address. So when I do nslookup <hostname> I get an old IP as answer. As chrome might do a DNS lookup (depending on how the source maps url is stored in the JS output of GWT), it gets the wrong IP and can not access the CodeServer under that wrong IP => no source maps.

Setting an entry in the hosts file or updating the DNS reverse entry for your host name solves the problem.

-- J.

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