Friday, September 30, 2016

Re: Using Constants based on Environment

Ideally your build tool should put your environment into prod or dev mode and the GWT app shouldn't know/care about it. With Maven / Gradle / Ant you can use "resource filtering" to rewrite resources like property files while being copied to the output folder. 

In that case you would have
key = ${key}
key = devValue
key = prodValue

and the build tool will replace ${key} with the value of one of the other two files before GWT will pick up

Otherwise you might try (no idea if it works):

interface Config extends Constants {...}
interface DevConfig extends Config {...} -> create a file
interface ProdConfig extends Config {...} -> create a file

and in Java code

Config config;
if ("dev".equals(System.getProperty("env")) {
  config = GWT.create(DevConfig.class);
} else if ("prod".equals(......)) {

Can't remember, but System.getProperty() might require GWT 2.8.

-- J.

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