Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Re: CSS exception compiling 2.7.0 app

Hello? Is anybody out there?

I have several GWT apps, I am having this issue with all of them, it's very freaky. The problem stems from one particular css file,  NativeHorizontalScrollbarTransparent.css, which has a defined attribute who's name includes a "_". I'm not a CSS guy, but this seems perfectly legal to me.

Changing this CSS file in the jar file fixes the issue, but that is a horrible solution, the parser appears to be broken(actually, the BNF used by the parser). The exception comes from the flute parser, and as I understand, the BNF does not include the "_", so I think flute is only doing what it knows to be right. So what's the deal? Why doesn't everybody see this issue? 

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