Monday, September 26, 2016

[GWT 2.8 SHNAPSHOT] missing stack trace for 'Should only call onDetach when the widget is attached to the browser's document'

Hi all,
I wonder if anyone can help me figure out what is causing this - I am getting java.lang.IllegalStateException: Should only call onDetach when the widget is attached to the browser's document . See below. I suspect this is a GWT exception of some kind, but the stack trace is obfuscated and I can not figure out where the problem is. I tried installing my exception handler with no success - the stack trace is still useless:

 Console.log("Exception logger INSTALLED!!!");
        GWT.setUncaughtExceptionHandler(e -> {
            GWT.log("Unhandled exception", e);

This is happening with Errai 4 SNAPSHOT randomly, but if I figure out the stack trace I can get better understanding of what is going on. How do I get the stack trace ? How do I verify that the gwt Code server has all source maps it needs???



Current content widget vanished or changed. Not delivering pageHiding event to HomePage. 14:11:26 WARNING [DefaultNavigatingContainer] Got invalid page name "AboutPage". Redirecting to default page. java.lang.IllegalStateException: Should only call onDetach when the widget is attached to the browser's document
at Unknown.nC_g$(myApp-0.js@8:16163)
at Unknown.TC_g$(myApp-0.js@9:16405)
at Unknown._C_g$(myApp-0.js@9:16452)
at Unknown.kLf_g$(myApp-0.js@9:47908)
at Unknown.WBe_g$(myApp-0.js@18:37314)
at Unknown.aCe_g$(myApp-0.js@14:37371)
at Unknown.nCe_g$(myApp-0.js@14:37481)
at Unknown.ZPj_g$(myApp-0.js@8:114529)
at Unknown.ZBe_g$(myApp-0.js@36:37344)
at Unknown.WPj_g$(myApp-0.js@16:114507)
at Unknown.aOj_g$(myApp-0.js@17:113981)
at Unknown.iAi_g$(myApp-0.js@3:88783)
at Unknown.jAi_g$(myApp-0.js@15:88755)
at Unknown.y2i_g$(myApp-0.js@32:98783)
at Unknown.A2i_g$(myApp-0.js@17:98822)
at Unknown.c6i_g$(myApp-0.js@45:99823)
at Unknown._5i_g$(myApp-0.js@10:99802)
at Unknown.KAi_g$(myApp-0.js@32:88955)
at Unknown.L6i_g$(myApp-0.js@16:100106)
at Unknown.B7i_g$(myApp-0.js@54:100343)
at Unknown.AJj_g$(myApp-0.js@225:112594)
at Unknown.PDj_g$(myApp-0.js@30:110774)
at Unknown.QDj_g$(myApp-0.js@8:110787)
at Unknown.SDj_g$(myApp-0.js@8:110800)
at Unknown.FDj_g$(myApp-0.js@10:110638)
at Unknown.Sii_g$(myApp-0.js@261:83179)
at Unknown.lambda_0_g$(myApp-0.js@27:96)

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