Friday, September 30, 2016

GWT google crawler error undefined.cache.js

I have a GWT application which fails on google crawling : The 'fetch as google' feature fails with a 'partial' status saying that it can't find undefined.cache.js

After some research, I found that this js is the app js when the user.agent is not recognized

I therefore changed my


enum value for gecko to recgnize google bot:

 gecko1_8("return (ua.indexOf('Googlebot') || ua.indexOf('gecko') != -1 || docMode >= 11);");  

In my core GWT module I naturally added the line :

<property-provider name="user.agent" generator="fr.onevu.vume.client.common.UserAgentPropertyGenerator"/>  

I installed 'Chrome UA spoofer" to emulate the Googlebot user.agent request, and what happened is that now I have a warning at startup saying that the runtime value safari is different than the compile time gecko_18

I still see some checking runtime code in the generated js

{$stackDepth_0=stackIndex_0-1;return 'gecko1_8'}$stackDepth_0=stackIndex_0-1;return 'unknown'}  

but those files are very large, and I don't know from which classes they are generated.

Additionally, I had to fall back to the version 2.6.1 since compilation with 2.8.0RC2 and 2.7.0 don't finish the job (for some reasons I don't have the time to investigate now)

Any ideas please?...

I need an answer to one of these questions :

  • How to personalize the runtime user agent check generated code ?
  • How to make googlebot use the gecko_18 version of my app ? 

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