Thursday, January 22, 2015

Re: Super Dev Mode - Source maps break points ignored

Short update:

Okay it seems that the problem is somewhere in the generated source maps.
Some of our GWT modules work completely fine with Super Dev Mode withe the current GWT version 2.7 (trunk) and Chrome 40.
But when I try to debug one of our largest modules I'm not able to correctly debut the code with Super Dev Mode in Chrome.

I take a look in the gwt-compiler server folders and I noticed that the sometime the symbolMaps folder contains only one json file
and sometime a *.json file and a *.symbolMap file. 

The module that can not be debugged correctly contains both. 
The *.symbolMap file is also very large (31MB) compared to the *.json file (2.3)?
Is it possible to validate whether the source map files are correctly?


Am Mittwoch, 21. Januar 2015 22:55:36 UTC+1 schrieb Rocco De Angelis:
Hi Jens,
yes sane behavior in Chrome stable. The gray and white lines seems to be correct. But when I run into a break point the local variables a completely incorrect and when I try to step over the code I get really strange jumps. The same behavior appears also in IE11. But it's strange that the gray and white lines get display correctly?

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