Monday, January 26, 2015

JSON JsDate/Date encode/decode with restyGWT

Rookie question from a non-English speaker:

I'm using restyGWT.  Client side with a Pojo Model and Server side with the corresponding JPA Entity class.

For decode/encode between both:

public interface EmpleadoJsonCodec extends JsonEncoderDecoder<Empleado> {}

public EmpleadoJsonCodec empleadoListJsonCodec = GWT.create(EmpleadoJsonCodec.class);


public void onSuccess(Method method, JSONValue response) {

                Empleado empleado = empleadoListJsonCodec.decode(response);



Everything was working perfect (GETs, PUTs, etc.) until I tried to add a JsDate/Date field to the Model/Entity.

I don´t know how to use JsDate/Date. What should I put in the Model (or Entity) so the Json (JSONValue responde) decode works fine?




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