Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Re: GWT compile times between 2.6.0 & 2.7.0

> As for better computers for the developers, we try. We've mandated 16GB+ RAM & all computers are refreshed every 3 years with good specs. I've been pushing for SSDs but we have limited availability to most developers. :)

I use a old T410 with 8GB and a hard drive. I ran it on linux and what I found speeding up my development cycle the most was using 2GB for a ram drive (even 1GB would have been enough). This way I almost got instant save and compile times. But with GWT once a full build happens it seams that beside some minor issues file access is almost irrelevant. So I do not know if this might speed up anything for you but you can give it a try.


Martin (Kersten)

PS: The ram drive is synced to disk every 5 minutes so I wont lose more than 5 min work at most but never happend.

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