Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Re: Textarea KeyUpHandler not working

On Wednesday, November 28, 2012 1:40:18 PM UTC+1, marco wrote:
Ok I fixed it, with the following changes

-public class ValidatableTextarea extends ComplexPanel
+public class ValidatableTextarea extends FlowPanel
-   private FlowPanel rootPanel;
    protected TextArea input;
    private Label errorLabel;

    public ValidatableTextarea() { 
        input = new TextArea(); 
-       rootPanel = new FlowPanel(); 
-       rootPanel.add(input); 
+       add(input)

-       setElement(rootPanel.getElement()); 
    public void setText(String text) { 
        input.setText(String Text); 

    public void addKeyUpHandler(KeyUpHandler keyUpHandler) { 

Don't know why but it's working now.

I know why: setElement() is only meant to be used when you create your own Widget, not when you extend an existing one. The root of your problem was actually using rootPanel;getElement() as the element for another widget, yet adding widgets to rootPanel (which is never attached to the DOM: its element is "physically" attached, by way of the ValidatableTextArea, but the FlowPanel itself is not "logically" attached.

Now, instead of extending FlowPanel, you should extend Composite instead, and use a FlowPanel with setWidget (more or less reverting to your previous code, fixing it: ComplexPanel→Composite, setElement→setWidget)

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