Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Re: DataGrid with several tbody elements possible

On Wednesday, November 28, 2012 10:50:24 AM UTC+1, Michael Vogt wrote:
Thank you both for your quick answers.

Yes I am using the TableBuilder. What's basically needed is a way to overwrite the builders that are used after that, maybe the HtmlBuilderFactory would be a good place, as the current implementation of the call startBody() throws an exception when I try to create another tbody element.

Unfortunately I failed to replace the HTMLBuilderFactory with deferred binding. My own class just was not used.

I am sure there are reasons to allow only one tbody right now. I assume this has to do with the selection handling and the keyboard navigation. I expect I can handle these as I can provide my own implementations for these.

So, maybe my question should have been, "How to provide my own HtmlBuilderFactory".

That wouldn't help. HtmlBuilderFactory is only a type-safe way of building a SafeHtml.

Have a look at AbstractCellTable and how it depends on having a single tbody. If you really need/want several tbodies, you'll have to fork the whole thing; so you could then fork CellTableBuilder to allow it to create several sections (I wonder what kind of "element builder" it could return from finish() though). If I were you, I'd first ask myself whether I really need those multiple tbodies…

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