Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Re: DataGrid with several tbody elements possible

On Wednesday, November 28, 2012 10:18:57 AM UTC+1, Michael Vogt wrote:

We are using the DataGrid for a new widget, and so far all works pretty good. The only missing feature was to add a ScrollHandler to it, so we could add an infinite scrolling feature, which works pretty good.

Now I would like to add some structuring to the data by adding more than one tbody element. The DataGrid prevents this, and I did not find a good way to overwrite this. Also deferred binding replace of some classes failed.

Does someone have a tip for me to get this done?

Issue 5423 (CellTable is not easy to extend) is closed saying:
The next version of GWT (2.5) has a refactored CellTable that internally uses builders that you can inherit, override (not all methods are private), and use instead of the default behavior.

I just don't see how to do it, as all the implementations are created with new instead of GWT.create(), so they can't be replaced by deferred binding, and I don't see a way to register my new builders.

I doubt you'll be able to use several <tbody>s though (AbstractCellTable makes some assumptions about there being a single one IIRC)

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