Thursday, November 29, 2012

Re: CellTable - how to avoid unnecessary onRangeChange events?

Hi Rafael,

thank you for offering me your solution.
But in the meantime I found a very simple solution:

The application has to set the new range *before* a call to updateRowCount is made!

The first thing I do right after the data source (chat room) changed is to load the new row count.
But *before* passing this new row count to the data provider (which would trigger an onRangeChange event then), I set the range myself to a valid interval.
Finally, *after* this, I call updateRowCount.


void onSelectChatRoom:()
 loadNewRowCount ();

void onLoadNewRowCount (int cnt)
 Range r = getLastPageRangeForCurrentRoom(cnt);
 tbl.setVisibleRangeAndClearData (r,true); // triggers one onRangeChange event

 pvd.updateRowCount (cnt); // does not trigger a second onRangeChange event anymore!


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