Thursday, March 29, 2012

Re: GWT history handling library - give it a try

The problem is that your (bookmarked) URLs will become useless if you change the implementation of your UI. If you, as mentioned in your wiki page, store opened/closed tree nodes in the URL, what happens if you switch to a flat table or a totally different custom widget? The previous URL is pretty much useless now.

Thats why you shouldn't say that each UI component has a URL state. Sure it has a state, but you don't want to bookmark that specific state. You want to bookmark WHAT the application in the current place presents the user. Thats in most cases totally independent on how you implement the UI and which components you use.
Example: This loads all employees, preselects the one with ID 5 and shows the details section of the employees data. No word about the used UI components in the URL. Got the idea?

-- J.

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