Friday, March 30, 2012

Re: 2.4 RPC failure

SOB to debug is right!

I do have the message asking them to reload the page,
but I am afraid that many of them get discouraged by
the initial error.

However, putting the stack trace in a user dialog is having
some beneficial effects (at the cost of making us appear
totally incompetent) -- I received this from a user this morning:

Please refresh the page
Update ERROR(41): fail to write
CAUGHT Unable to initiate the asynchronous service invocation (WeedDataService_Proxy.writeXRecord) -- check the network connection

CAUSED BY The URL is invalid or violates the same-origin security restriction
CAUSED BY (Error): Access is denied.

So that looks like it is an SOP error, in spite of the
servlet being on the same domain as the webpage.
I will look at the generated WeedDataService_Proxy
class to see if anything looks amiss.

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