Saturday, March 31, 2012

Re: CustomScrollPanel issue (extra div overlays generated impacting performance?)

Hi Deepak,

This is all that's in the css file as the only important class is the corner that I've set to be transparent:


    opacity: 0.0;

As for how to use the vertical scroll bar to override the native (or the transparent one CustomScrollPanel uses by default) if you look at the line

"this.setVerticalScrollbar(new MyVerticalScrollBar(),MyVerticalScrollBar.getScrollBarWidth());"

in MyScrollPanel class in the code I sent, this is what actually does the overriding. This method is available on the CustomScrollPanel class which MyScrollPanel extends.

Hope that answers your question. Also can you please repost my initial reply with the code to this thread, it would save me the time of having to rewrite it :) Thanks.


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