Saturday, March 31, 2012

call google places service error:invalid label:“html_attributions”

This question has been asked here(and several other places): google
places api error with jquery ajax call... html_attributions same as his
case,I can see response coming back fine in firbug's json tab,and
difference is I do add "callback",but still I got this error,this is my

public native static void getJson(int requestId, AroundInfoHandler
handler) /*-{
var callback = "callback" + requestId;
// [1] Create a script element.
var script = document.createElement("script");
script.setAttribute("type", "text/javascript");

// [2] Define the callback function on the window object.
window[callback] = function(jsonObj) {
// [3]
console.log("Succeed to call google places service");
//call java method here
window[callback + "done"] = true;

// [4] JSON download has 1-second timeout.
setTimeout(function() {
if (!window[callback + "done"]) {
console.log("Failed to call google places service");
//call java method here;

// [5] Cleanup. Remove script and callback elements.
delete window[callback];
delete window[callback + "done"];
}, 1000);

// [6] Attach the script element to the document body.
Even change window/document to $wnd/$doc,same problem as before,Can
anybody help me?Thanks!

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