Friday, April 12, 2024

Re: Help to undrerstand how to use domino-jackson and the annotation JSONMapper

Aren't you supposed to directly use the generated class rather than using GWT.create() ? (unless you also added a <replace-with> in your gwt.xml)

On Friday, April 12, 2024 at 1:20:27 PM UTC+2 wrote:
I'm upgrading a old project and i want to replace the old gwt-jackson (  with the domino-jackson project (

It should be a simple transiction, but i cannot understand how to let the GWT compilation "see" the implementations classes of the ObjectMapper interface.

Here the "old" code from gwt-jackson

public static interface AltriMetadatiDTOMapper extends com.github.nmorel.gwtjackson.client.ObjectMapper<Map<String,List<MetadatoDTOGWT>>> {} 


 AltriMetadatiDTOMapper altriMetadatiDTOMapper = GWT.create(AltriMetadatiDTOMapper.class); String jsonAltriMetadati = altriMetadatiDTOMapper.write(object);

Here the "new" code from domino-jackson

@org.dominokit.jackson.annotation.JSONMapper public interface AltriMetadatiDTOMapper extends org.dominokit.jackson.ObjectMapper<Map<String,List<MetadatoDTOGWT>>> {}


 AltriMetadatiDTOMapper altriMetadatiDTOMapper = GWT.create(AltriMetadatiDTOMappe.class); String jsonAltriMetadati = altriMetadatiDTOMapper.write(object);

but it give to me this error

[ERROR] Errors in '' [INFO] [ERROR] Line 662: Rebind result 'xxx.AltriMetadatiDTOMapper' must be a class

Did anyone know what i'm doing wrong ?

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