Thursday, June 3, 2021

Re: Upgrade GWT from 2.7 to 2.9


Migration is nearly invisible but if you depend on 3rd party gwt libs then there is always risk that they are no longer supported.

I ran into some backward compatibility issue with generics support with GWT2.9. It compiled on 2.8 but fails with 2.9. I did not find the time to create a bug report and code sample to demonstrate. 

On 3 Jun 2021, 18:42 +0200, HATIM SETTI <>, wrote:
Hi team,

I'm working on an existing project with (gwt 2.7 , maven Java 6,spring..), and we want to upgrade to 2,8 or 2.9 atest version.

And I want to know the impact of that, will we need to change a lot of code, what the steps shoud I follow ?

Also what the gain of upgrading to the latest version ? there is any improvement in term of security ?


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