Sunday, June 13, 2021

[ANN] Akasha: Typed Browser API 0.12 released

Akasha is a typed browser API layer that is always up to date with the latest web specifications.

Changes in this release:

* Add the `WebCodecs` spec with version `W3C Working Draft, 11 June 2021` to the set of specifications which the API is generated from.
* Update the `Geolocation API` spec to the `W3C Working Draft 10 June 2021` version. This improved typing and aligned with how browsers are implementing the underlying javascript objects.
* Update the `Gamepad` spec to the `W3C Working Draft 08 April 2021` version. This added event events for when gamepads are connected and disconnected. This version also supports XR mappings.
* Update the `Web Bluetooth` spec to the `Draft Community Group Report, 17 May 2021` version. This improved the typing of several attributes and exposed `manufacturerData` via the API.
* Update to the latest version of the `webgl` specifications. This primarily resulted in supporting `VideoFrame` as a `TexImageSource`.
* Upgrade to the latest version of the `Web Authentication: Level 2 Recommendation` or `webauthn` specification finalized on `8 April 2021`.
* Update several web specifications with various fixes, clarifications and API changes to more closely align with actual browser implementations. These specifications included: `whatwg_html`, `whatwg_dom`, `visual_viewport`, `screen_capture` and `cssom_view`.

To learn more about Akasha and get started:


The Akasha Team

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