Thursday, May 20, 2021

Re: Typescript annotations to JsInterop java classes automatic generation tool ready

Can I use this tool to convert files in to Java? 

I can not understand this sentence - " Then launch it with nodejs target/main.js CONFIG_FILE." or I don't know how to use this bool.



On Thursday, September 28, 2017 at 5:54:05 PM UTC+8 Ltearno wrote:
Hi everyone,

I made up and published today a tool which uses Typescript type definitions (.d.ts) and generates the corresponding JsInterop classes for use inside a GWT application (or JaCL when available).

I use it to translate the full Angular 4 API (2000+ classes) into JsInterop and get a working code. It can also generate the standard web api from 'lib.es6.d.ts' and generate something that ressembles Elemental2 a lot!

I am interested to help if people want to use it or have some other use cases (wrapping D3.js or any other library available on 'definitely typed'). So don't hesitate to file an issue on github... Or to answer here!


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