Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Re: Superdevmode and ReferenceErrors

It is a known issue with incremental compilation. It is annoying but I tend to just clear the sdm cache and reload.
On 24 Feb 2021, 20:50 +0100, Stik <>, wrote:
Occasionally when running under SDM in Eclipse I will get a "ReferenceError: <symbol>_g$ is not defined" from the browser.   The usual "fix" is to rename the symbol in question, reload, and the issue is gone.   If i then rename it back to what it used to be called, so nothing has actually changed, it remains fixed.

This happens to me maybe once a week or two when developing heavily.  It's a minor irritation, but it's an irritation that's building up over time!   Has anyone else experienced this and found out a way to mitigate it?   I've never seen it happen to a full compile process, it seems to only affect SDM.  

My gut feeling is that it affects static fields in particular, although i've seen it elsewhere (just now the constructor for an ordinary, dull class is missing).

The problem is that it is not repeatable, it's something to do with the state of my SDM server at that particular moment, so I can't get a test case together to show to anyone

Any thoughts?


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