Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Re: How do we make GWT accept dynamic domain name?

You can try to create a hidden element on the HTML file with the server name. Example:

<input type="hidden" name="server-name" id="server-name" value="SERVER NAME HERE">

And you can get the value in GWT with:
InputElement input = (InputElement) Document.get().getElementById("server-name");
String serverName = input.getValue();

Another way is creating in the HTML file, a Javascript global variable via script tag or script file and load this via GWT using JSNI or JSInterop (the example is with JSNI):

public class ServerNameUtil {
public static native String getServerName() /*-{
   return $wnd.SERVER_NAME;

You can improve these ideas for your solution. IT is some ideas to help you to think of the best solution for your scenario. :)

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