Saturday, February 27, 2021

gwt-places annotation processor in Eclipse

Did anyone got Eclipse to invoke annotation processor from gwt-places module
that should generate PlaceHistoryMapper implementations?

I have interface that extends
and is annotated with I'm
creating instances by instancing class with my class name suffixed with "Impl".

However, it seems Eclipse doesn't run annotation processor and consequently
can't find implementation class.

Gradle build works fine.

I even explicitly specified gwt-places-processor.jar in project settings in
Eclipse (Java Compiler -> Annotation Processing -> Factory Path), but folder
where generated files should be placed (.apt_generated) is still empty.

Any ideas?

Sidenote: it seems Eclipse has some issue with annotation processors
classpath, because I had to add auto-common.jar (PlaceHistoryMapperProcessor
is based on BasicAnnotationProcessor from auto-common) on Factory Path, too.


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