Sunday, November 1, 2020

UI Development - Descriptive UI and 2 Ways Data Binding

Hi Community,

Last week I had holidays and got a chance to take a look the current development for UI and here is my summary:

SwiftUIAndroid Jetpack Compose and Flutter are embracing 2 ways data binder and descriptive programming style
- Also ReactJS and VueJS use similar style

Actually we have all of these things - at least if I see it correctly - already in Errai (UI, Data Binder, etc.). Also Errai supports JPA annotations to save data on Web Browser storage like what I've shown in my article ( but I think, with better implementation 😀

Some points / questions:
  • Is JBoss Errai still in development? 
  • Is it possible to use some components of Errai separately?
  • Is "descriptive" and "2 ways data binding" (observer pattern) the way to go in UI development?
  • Is there any way to "combine" e.g. DominoUI with 2 ways data binding? VueGWT supports all of these things because it is based on VueJS. But Errai has a Data Binding component and also hexa.binding.


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