Thursday, November 19, 2020

Running locally in Dev mode with Eclipse

Hello all,

I'm new to GWT and while following the Get Started page tutorial to install it I got stuck in the step "Run locally in Development mode with Eclipse", since there's no option showing for me in Eclipse to Debug As > Web Application.´

Thought it could be a problem of software packages for Eclipse, installed the Eclipse Web Developer Tools 3.19 from the Eclipse Marketplace, but still no Debug as Web Application option is available.

Besides this, everytime I try to run it from the build command from Command prompt in Windows I'm able to compile the project and get into Development Mode with the command "ant devmode", where I get the GWT Dev Mode window, but every time I try to launch the application in the browser I always get error 503, not being able to reach the file.

Could this be any missing step on the Get Started page like setting up the server side or some step I did wrong? Any hint would be appreciated.

Thanks for the help!

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