Thursday, June 18, 2020

StyleInjector chokes on startup

Probably unrelated with StyleInjector but with Scheduler.scheduleFinally,
but I'll try to explain:

Imagine class that defines ClientBundle as follows:

public class Foo {

public static interface Resources extends ClientBundle {
static final Resources $ = GWT.create(Resources.class);
Foo.Style style();
static {

public static interface Style extends CssResource {
String foo();

// ...


This class is GUI element that gets initialized through Activities/Places
framework, if that makes any difference.

Problem is, given style is NOT injected on app startup, but IT GETS INJECTED
if a do something as simple as:

Scheduler.get().scheduleFixedDelay(() -> {
return false;
}, 0);

in Foo's contructor.

Since StyleInjector injects styles using:


it looks like Scheduler doesn't recognize switch from GWT to browser event
loop if scheduleFinally is called sufficiently early during app startup
(like in static initializer of a class).

GWT 2.9.

Like I said, I've found a workaround (albeit a *very* dirty one), but
shouldn't this be treated as a bug in GWT?


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