Monday, June 29, 2020

Re: Security Vulnerabilities with GWT

1. No, these dependencies were not updated as part of the 2.9.0 release
2. An update would come either in a 2.9.x bugfix release, or in 2.10 - the 3.x release is going to be structured in a different enough of a way that none of these will be present.
3. At a quick glance, it appears to be an oversight that protobuf is included in gwt-servlet and can be entirely removed. I believe this is likely a false positive if it is not used, since it gets a custom package, so will not interfere with other protobuf dependencies.

Can you share the full report you obtained so we can confirm that #3 is true, and file an issue with all the details? I'll start work on confirming we can remove it from gwt-servlet, and after we are certain about these issues we look into making a release.
On Monday, June 29, 2020 at 5:57:41 AM UTC-5 wrote:

Hi All,

Security Vulnerability have been detected in gwt-dev.jar & gwt-servlet.jar(in release 2.8.2) & are reported by Dependency checker tool.

Below are the details -

Gwt-dev.jar -
1.1 Vulnerable version of jetty library(current version-- 9.2.14, available version -9.2.27+ )
1.2 Vulnerable version of commons-collections(current version - 3.2.1)
1.3 Vulnerable version of org.apache.httpcomponents:httpclient(current version - 4.3.1)
1.4 Vulnerable version of Google Protobuf(current version - 2.5.0, available version - 3.4.0)
1.5  Vulnerable version of htmlunit ( current version - 2.19 , available version- 2.37)

Gwt-servlet.jar -
        1.1 Vulnerable version of Google Protobuf(current version - 2.5.0, available version - 3.4.0)

Given above vulnerabilities -
1. Are those security issues addressed in latest 2.9.0 release?
2. If no, is there a plan to include them in any future release say 3.x?
3. As we know that gwt-dev.jar is used for development purpose & can be flagged as false positive, still are there any attack surfaces exists?

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